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Moonrise  –  A Werewolf Novel

Bitten in a werewolf attack, the lone survivor is in a race for his life as the revenge-filled wolves hunt him. A young witch and her sisters arrive to try to save him—all before the next full moon!

Read how Alan fought back and escaped with his life. Find out what magic was in play, even before Autumn Fire arrives. Follow as she and the other witches attempt to save Alan from the wolf pack hunting him. Learn the challenges faced by an ordinary young man when thrown into extraordinary circumstances.

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Release Date: June 18, 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-0999019504



Wolf Hunt

In Wolf Hunt you meet Rose, a witch bitten by a werewolf years earlier, so shares the were-curse. She has been on the run from her sister witches who are werewolf hunters.  Learn what is happening with Alan’s struggles and the witches’ efforts to keep him safe.  The action picks up where MOONRISE left off.

witch using mortar and pestle
Which potion will the witches choose to use?


Sons of a Witch

Ominous Wolf
Will the brothers make it home alive?

An excerpt from the prequel to MOONRISE, Sons of a Witch, explains some of the complicated webs of characters.  Find out how Salvador and his brother became werewolves.  Nothing is simple.  Get a sneak peek by joining our mailing list below.