By Joseph Hagen


A Werewolf Novel

Bitten in a werewolf attack, the lone survivor is in a race for his life as the revenge-filled wolves hunt him. A young witch and her sisters arrive to try to save him—all before the next full moon!

His friends dead, his family in danger, hunted by a werewolf in search of revenge, 17-year-old Alan needs all the help he can get. He finds it in the personage of a beautiful witch. Witchcraft caused his curse, but it may be his only hope of surviving it.

Wolf Hunt

Book 2

In Wolf Hunt you meet Rose, a witch bitten by a werewolf years earlier, so shares the were-curse. She has been on the run from her sister witches who are werewolf hunters. Learn what is happening with Alan’s struggles and the witches’ efforts to keep him safe. The action picks up where MOONRISE left off.

Sons of a Witch


An excerpt from the prequel to MOONRISE, Sons of a Witch, explains some of the complicated webs of characters. Find out how Salvador and his brother became werewolves. Nothing is simple. Get a sneak peek by joining our mailing list below.


Joseph Hagen

Joe Hagen loves bringing life to supernatural characters. He recently retired after 40 years at the federal courts, where his time in and out of the courtroom provided many opportunities to see characters in action. A fiction writer living in Missouri, MOONRISE is Joe’s debut novel and the first in a series. He is working on the next book in this series, Wolf Hunt, which will be ready for publication next spring. Joe also co-wrote a vampire novel currently in the revision stage and will be announcing a publication date soon. When not writing (or reading), Joe might be found Fencing or Square Dancing in St Louis!

What’s New

Wolf Hunt –and more

Wolf Hunt is finished and off to the editors! Pre-readers are giving a thumbs up. I am still hoping for a June release, but now others are doing their magic, so fingers crossed. While you wait I am offering another short, but not too short story, Housewarming Gift....

Too Cold to Go Outside

Winter is doing a great job of keeping me at my computer and writing WOLF HUNT, the sequel to MOONRISE. This book features Salvador’s brother, Orsino, along with a plethora of new witches, and carries us from Alaska across the ocean to Italy, France, and then back to...

A short story to tide you over….

We have had crazy weather all over the midwest, and the rest of the country, too! Never having been a fan of winter, I was ready for spring long before the groundhog even thought about whether to show himself or not! Wolf Hunt is moving along nicely-- planning a...

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