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Joe Hagen creates intriguing situations in the tales he tells. His story-telling voice keeps you wanting to learn more about the werewolves and other suspenseful characters you come to know and care about.

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A werewolf looks up at a fullmoon in a suspenseful, starry sky


A werewolf novel

His friends dead, his family in danger, hunted by a werewolf in search of revenge, 17 year old Alan needs all the help he can get. He finds it in the personage of a beautiful witch. Witchcraft causes his curse, but it may also be his only hope of surviving it.

This first in a series, thriller hooks the reader from the first pages with its werewolves and suspenseful characters. Bitten in a werewolf attack, Alan, the lone survivor is in a race for his life as the revenge-seeking wolves hunt him. A young witch and a police detective arrive to try to save him–all before the next full moon!

Werewolf howling at fullmoon with superimposed pentagram. Suspenseful character looking down and away from werewolf



The hunt ensues; the moon draws near

In Wolf Hunt you meet Rose, a witch who has been bitten by a werewolf years earlier so she shares the horrors of having the were-curse. 

As a witch and werewolf, Rose has been on the run from her sister witches who are werewolf hunters. Learn what is happening with Alan’s struggles and how Rose’s arrival enters into the witches’ efforts to keep him safe. The action picks up right where the werewolves and suspenseful characters of MOONRISE left off.

Dark Tunes book cove


First in a New Series

E-Book Now Available on Amazon. 

Joe has co-written DARK TUNES and reaction from the pre-readers is effusive and glowing!

Three young members of a newly formed band arrive in St. Louis Missouri from the east coast.  Quickly making friends, they find an old, unused school  where they rent a makeshift apartment and space to practice their music.

When one of the band members learns of disturbing activities in the neighborhood around the school, and suspenseful characters emerge seemingly at every turn, we wonder just how much danger this represents for the band.

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Joe’s love of writing began when his children were young. At bedtime he told them “two-word stories.” They each provided one word and Joe created an adventure in which those two words appeared. Joe created a new story every night for them, and he did the same occasionally for their visiting friends or on long trips. Joe found he couldn’t keep track of the details in these stories over time. This prompted him to begin writing them down. By the time they had outgrown bedtime stories, Joe was finding he was hooked on writing.

Housewarming Gift was his first short story, and is a good example of Joe’s suspenseful characters. As you will see, sometimes his suspenseful characters are not even living creatures. A new homeowner is delighted to find a jigsaw puzzle left by the previous owner, but soon finds it is not simply a puzzle. Other suspenseful and supernatural stories followed and several are available as Ebooks. All Joe’s current offerings and upcoming works are described in more detail and can be purchased on the Books page.