Joe’s Suspenseful Thrillers

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Through the years, Joe continues to write suspenseful short stories containing a variety of creative protagonists and supporting characters, including a haunted jigsaw puzzle and airport terminal. Details are available on the Books page of this site. When not writing (or reading), Joe can be found Fencing, Gardening, or Square Dancing. The seeds for Joe’s writing, suspenseful thrillers and others, are found in unexpected places.


Why suspenseful thrillers, you ask?

Joe Hagen loves bringing life to supernatural characters! He recently retired after 40 years at the federal courts, where his time in and out of the courtroom provided many opportunities to see characters in action.

A fiction writer living in Missouri, MOONRISE is Joe’s debut novel. It is the first-in-a-series of werewolf novels and showcases his talent for crafting suspenseful thrillers! Book two of the series, WOLF HUNT, has been available since July 2020. Since there are paranormal creatures besides werewolves, and since his imagination is not limited, Joe has also co-written a vampire novel, DARK TUNES. This book is now available, just in time for the 2020 holidays! In his writing, Joe deftly brings characters to life, even if they are supernatural.

Joe always chose suspenseful thrillers when given the option

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Growing up Joe read everything he could get his hands on. Books allowed him to go on adventures, some with thrills and chills. Joe owns hard bound copies of all the early Stephen King and Anne Rice novels- and was lucky enough to get some of these autographed. These books and others from those years are prized possessions which he loves to reread.

Joe started writing for his children–not so much suspense in those days, but always thrilling!

A dim lightbulb illuminates the pages of a book in a dark room.

When his children were young, they would ask for repeats of the bedtime stories Joe created each night from the two words they supplied. Over time, Joe couldn’t remember what he’d told them from day to day, so began committing those on-the-fly stories to paper. So now, here he is– writing for them and for you.

Snoop around and enjoy this site. We have included links to other sites where Joe posts a variety of musings and thoughts. He is easy to find–  Facebook, Goodreads, Inkitt, and Amazon. As Joe continues to create characters that come alive for you, he looks forward to your questions, thoughts, or suggestions. Please get in touch. He likes the opportunity for interaction and, one never knows what will spark a twist or turn in an upcoming story. Keep reading!.