MOONRISE- A Werewolf Novel

MOONRISE- A Werewolf Novel

Bitten in a werewolf attack, the lone survivor is in a race for his life as the revenge-filled wolves hunt him. A young witch and her sisters arrive to try to save him— all before the next full moon!

Attempting to flee the carnage, Alan slashes the pack leader’s face and escapes. The knife he used to maim this grisly werewolf turns out to have been charmed by the witches who arrive to offer their assistance. These witches are sworn enemies of werewolves and hunt to kill. Autumn Fire is the first to arrive and works with Alan to prepare him for his show down with Salvador the scar-faced leader seeking revenge. All the while, Alan struggles through changes to his body and mind as the were-curse takes hold, changes he could not have imagined.

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About the Book

Join Alan as he and the witches race against time to stop the were-curse. Alan must become physically and emotionally impenetrable or he will not survive.

Salvador is seeking revenge for the injury Alan inflicted, but also for having suffered the humiliation of having a victim escape. Salvador was certain there would be no escaping this time and he and his pack would finally claim Alan.

Coming of age is difficult enough for a 17 year old. This burden is almost too much to bear.

Publication Year: 2017
Length: Novel
ISBN: 0999019503
List Price: $16.00
eBook Price: $4.99
Moonrise is a coming of age story masquerading as a horror thriller, and you know what? That's not necessarily a bad thing. Moonrise... will hold your attention and make you think about the ties that bind us to the people we care about.
– M. S. A Kindle Reader
Stayed on the edge of my seat! The characters were all interesting and brought believability to the story. Can't wait for a spinoff.
– Sandra Ross
A different kind of werewolf tale - I did not want to like MOONRISE but in the end it owned me! Alan was a thin scrawny kid before the bite. On his way to becoming a werewolf he bulked up a LOT! Alan's transformation from kid to werewolf was fascinating because his struggle revealed who he was in slow measured realistic ways.... Oh HECK YEAH I'd still want to be bitten and turned into a werewolf that will never change BUT, I never thought so soberly about the real world meanings until Moonrise and Alan's ordeal!
– Kindle Reader
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