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moonrise series: book 1


How would you handle getting bitten and cursed? Alan Driggers
finds out the hard way. While on a camping trip with friends he is
attacked and bitten by a werewolf. He barely escapes, but his
nightmare has just begun.

“You alright?” His head down, and his teeth grinding Alan
snarled, “What the hell do you think?” Dropping into a full
squat, he added, “I doubt that I’ll ever be alright again.”

His friends dead, his family in danger, hunted by a werewolf in
search of revenge, 17-year-old Alan needs all the help he can get.
He finds it in the personage of a beautiful witch. Witchcraft caused
his curse, but it may be his only hope of surviving it.

If you like strong character development, and tension without
gratuitous gore, you’ll love this book!

E book cover for Wolf Hunt

Moonrise series: book 2

Wolf Hunt

The MOONRISE story continues in WOLF HUNT:

Like Alan in MOONRISE, a witch named ROSE BUD was bitten by a werewolf. She was taken hostage and rescued by her grandmother.  Rose’s life was saved but cursed by the werewolf bite. 

Both Rose and Alan’s curses have been managed through magic, but Alan’s taming is failing. All the witches in Rose’s keep are working frantically to help them.

In WOLF HUNT you learn the origin of the werewolves. You also learn details of how brothers Orsino and Salvador became werewolves and why Orsino seems the most dangerous of all.

WOLF HUNT takes you north into Alaska and through parts of Europe as you follow witches and wolves from the Salem Witch Trials to present day. Their battles have been hard and long fought, with the wolves leaving a bloody path. 

Magic has existed for millennia. Will it be enough to save Alan a second time?

First in a New Series

Dark Tunes

Three young people arrive in St. Louis Missouri from the east coast. Members of a newly formed band, Bryant, James, and Nikki have come to take advantage of the lower cost of living and the vibrant music scene. Quickly making friends they’re steered to a closed Catholic girl’s high school, St. Eugenia Ravasco Academy, where they rent a makeshift apartment and an old chapel for practicing their music. In short order Nikki learns of disturbing activities in the neighborhood around the school, including missing children. A customer at the bistro where she works, Britt Blasengane, suggests that those activities may be related to the school. What is happening and how much danger does it represent for the band?

Short Stories & Collections

A short story


A group of passengers on an atypical layover. Gathered at a separate section of the concourse, they find their flights are past due, the airport is empty, and they are unable to leave. But things only gets stranger when the snack bar attendant offers a cryptic explanation.

A short story collection

No Time To Blink

Here is another collection of dark tales, so don’t blink! Time is running out in these short stories and if you blink, your might miss something important, like how to save your life.

A short story collection

Four Creeps

Four short, dark tales of hunger. Isn’t it interesting that there can be hunger for youth, for blood, and for love, and all the while, the little ones just want to play.

A short story

Housewarming Gift

The box was brown and unmarked but from inside, when shook, came the joyful sound of loose puzzle pieces. As the pieces were put into place however, the joy turned to fear.

A short story

Flesh Wound

When a John Doe is brought to his office, the coroner is surprised to find only a flesh wound. Because the evidence doesn’t make sense, the mystery has only begun.

Episodes I-V (A serial novel)

Chocolate Wars

 CHOCOLATE WARS is an expression of the author’s love of chocolate and ScienceFiction.

In a dimension very close to our own there exist worlds and beings which, while totally foreign, are also oddly familiar. The people, places, and objects filling that dimension have been changed from inanimate to animate, from fiction to reality.

Heroes and villains, emperors and minions, are locked in fierce battles. Beings throughout that universe struggle for a great cause. A cause for which both sides risk everything. A cause which would be dear to us as well…

The book describes a dimension in which the heroes are empowered by a chocolate rich Fudge. Where the villian, Diet Vanilla, is led by Emperor Sakkarin who wants to remove chocolate from the universe. Where the Chedi and their Fudge, strive to keep the chocolate lines open and ensure chocolate for all!

May the Fudge be with you. An excerpt is posted to read free on INKITT. See the link for the site on the bottom of this page.