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Winter is doing a great job of keeping me at my computer and writing WOLF HUNT, the sequel to MOONRISE.

This book features Salvador’s brother, Orsino, along with a plethora of new witches, and carries us from Alaska across the ocean to Italy, France, and then back to Arkansas.
Ben is no longer with us, making it bittersweet that the woman he loved, Leanne (Rosebud), is still alive. At the time of her disappearance, she was bitten and cursed. Now a werewolf, her curse has also been tamed.
We see Alan and Autumn continue to grapple with how to move their growing affection forward. We also meet a pair of wolves who, while in love, have a very different struggle to overcome.
WOLF HUNT is full of wolf fights, character development, humor, and some heartache. I’ll keep working and will announce a launch date soon.

I hope you had the chance to read FLESH WOUND, a werewolf short story. Other short stories will follow in the coming months. Check them out and let me know what you think. They’ll all be e-books and available on Kindle Unlimited.

Stay warm all– no leap year this year, but the equinox is on its way!