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About Joe

Official Bio:

Joe Hagen loves bringing life to supernatural characters. He recently retired after 40 years at the federal courts, where his time in and out of the courtroom provided many opportunities to see characters in action. A fiction writer living in Missouri, MOONRISE is Joe’s debut novel and the first in a series.  He is working on the next book in this series, Wolf Hunt, which will be ready for publication next spring. Joe also co-wrote a vampire novel currently in the revision stage and will be announcing a publication date soon. When not writing (or reading), Joe might be found Fencing or Square Dancing in St Louis!



Joseph Hagen Learns to Read:

Growing up I read everything I could get my hands on. Books allow me to go on adventures, some with thrills and chills. I have hard bound copies of all the early Stephen King and Anne Rice novels- and was lucky enough to get some of these autographed. These books and others from those years are prized possessions which I love to reread.

Joseph Hagen Learns to Write:

book with light for reading in the dark
Bedtime Story Time

When my children were young,  they would ask for repeats of the bedtime stories I made up each night from the two words they supplied. I couldn’t remember what I’d told them from day to day, so I began committing those on-the-fly stories to paper. And so now, here I am- writing for them and you.

I put the final touches on a vampire novel I co-wrote with a friend, Theresa Kehoe, and we have submitted it for editing: Dead Order.  If you would like to get involved in pre-reading, title-picking, or even cover options, contact me and we will add you to our list (Check out some options on the Books Page).

dog reading about werewolves
Can hardly wait to see what happens next

I’ve been working hard on the sequel because I had such good response to Alan and Autumn and want to share their story with you.

Snoop around and enjoy.  I look forward to helping characters come alive for you.   If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to shoot me a line. I like interacting and never know what will spark a twist or turn in a current or future book. Above all, keep reading!