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Wolf Hunt –and more

Wolf Hunt is finished and off to the editors! Pre-readers are giving a thumbs up. I am still hoping for a June release, but now others are doing their magic, so fingers crossed.

While you wait I am offering another short, but not too short story, Housewarming Gift. Joe has also bundled a group of four shorter works–Four Creeps. We hope all these keep you wondering and don’t disturb your sleep too much!

Jigsaw puzzles are mysterious already, placing all those odd shaped pieces together. Joan, our heroine, finds one in her new home. Excited, she dedicates her first night to solving it’s mystery. As the mystery comes together, pardon the pun, her fun runs awry and so do her wits. Find out what her housewarming buddy reveals…one piece at a time.

And so this month we are adding Four Creeps, even shorter short stories for you!  Now it is confirmed: werewolves aren’t all I can write about.

Thanks for reading!

Too Cold to Go Outside

Winter is doing a great job of keeping me at my computer and writing WOLF HUNT, the sequel to MOONRISE.

This book features Salvador’s brother, Orsino, along with a plethora of new witches, and carries us from Alaska across the ocean to Italy, France, and then back to Arkansas.
Ben is no longer with us, making it bittersweet that the woman he loved, Leanne (Rosebud), is still alive. At the time of her disappearance, she was bitten and cursed. Now a werewolf, her curse has also been tamed.
We see Alan and Autumn continue to grapple with how to move their growing affection forward. We also meet a pair of wolves who, while in love, have a very different struggle to overcome.
WOLF HUNT is full of wolf fights, character development, humor, and some heartache. I’ll keep working and will announce a launch date soon.

I hope you had the chance to read FLESH WOUND, a werewolf short story. Other short stories will follow in the coming months. Check them out and let me know what you think. They’ll all be e-books and available on Kindle Unlimited.

Stay warm all– no leap year this year, but the equinox is on its way!

A short story to tide you over….

We have had crazy weather all over the midwest, and the rest of the country, too! Never having been a fan of winter, I was ready for spring long before the groundhog even thought about whether to show himself or not!

Wolf Hunt is moving along nicely– planning a launch on the anniversary of Moonrise’s debut! But since waiting is hard, I wanted to get something out for you who have been so patient.  Enter: “Flesh Wound.”  Seems he’s not just a dead guy after all…

It’s true–real life is different than books! Interruptions… Distractions…

I’m not usually a winter person, but the weather keeps me inside and writing, and that feels good. Had a “Snowpocalypse” here in the midwest this weekend. Stay safe and warm and get some pages read!

Here’s how I keep out of trouble:

DEAD ORDER is a novel set in a re-purposed building which just won’t rest… and the neighbors are disappearing. Beta Readers are working on it now.
WOLF HUNT, the sequel to MOONRISE, is moving along! There is much more story to be told. Did Alan survive the wolves only to be destroyed by the witches?

Let me get back to work. Updates soon! Let me know if you are interested in helping with “Beta Reading”–smoothing edges and catching typos before going to print.

New York, New York

On a November evening, I was sitting in Penn Station waiting for my train. I was in a glass-walled area centered between the gates to the trains and the rows of shops and restaurants. As I sat, a pigeon pecked around the seats for scraps. Few paid him more than a moment’s attention. I’d seen a mouse earlier. Its presence hadn’t surprised me. This was a large space, surrounded by an abundance of food, and peopled by rushing travelers. Outside winter was closing in. The mouse was barely noteworthy. The pigeon, however, held my attention.

Life in the Big Apple is hectic: people in great numbers; cars constantly blaring their horns, belching exhaust; lights flashing, and screens displaying the famous and those hoping for fame. The buildings stretch up to the sky, leaning toward one another.  Standing in those buildings you can look down on constantly moving crowds or look across to the building facing you where you see people in offices, working at machines, maneuvering equipment, pushing carts, or staring at screens.  Once one of them looked back at me, but he gave me just a moment’s glance. New York has so much to take in. And yet I was transfixed, watching the pigeon. I wondered how it had gotten in here?

SLPL’s Another Author Shout Out!

SLPL hosted Another Author Shout Out on Saturday, October 13, 2018
It was a great day. Fun meeting and hearing from other authors about their writing Journey. Special thanks to Joe Schwartz and the Schlafly Branch for planning and hosting this event. Watch for future Author Shout Outs and join us next time!

What’s Joe doing and where’s he doing it.

I am really excited to be part of the local Shut Up and Write writers group. This is a great group of writers who support each other on our journeys. We meet at St. Louis County Libraries most Tuesday evenings.

I get some coffee ( and sweets :-)) many Tuesday mornings at the Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios shop in Maplewood, MO. If you see me there, come say hi!

I just finished a reading from MOONRISE at The Novel Neighbor bookstore in Webster Groves, MO on August 25, 2018 at 3:00 PM.  It was great meeting and chatting with fellow readers.