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Wolf Hunt is finished and off to the editors! Pre-readers are giving a thumbs up. I am still hoping for a June release, but now others are doing their magic, so fingers crossed.

While you wait I am offering another short, but not too short story, Housewarming Gift. Joe has also bundled a group of four shorter works–Four Creeps. We hope all these keep you wondering and don’t disturb your sleep too much!

Jigsaw puzzles are mysterious already, placing all those odd shaped pieces together. Joan, our heroine, finds one in her new home. Excited, she dedicates her first night to solving it’s mystery. As the mystery comes together, pardon the pun, her fun runs awry and so do her wits. Find out what her housewarming buddy reveals…one piece at a time.

And so this month we are adding Four Creeps, even shorter short stories for you!  Now it is confirmed: werewolves aren’t all I can write about.

Thanks for reading!